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May 2018 Cycle California!

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Redding: Conquer the Trails

By T.J. Holmes

There's something about a scenic trail that invigorates your soul. And cyclists can't get enough of it in Redding.

Already known for sunny summers, world-class fishing and the Sundial Bridge, Redding's 225-plus miles of trails within a 15-mile radius of downtown is turning the city into the trails capital of California. From canopied corridors to riverbank paths, Redding offers a trail for everyone.

The paved Sacramento River National Recreation Trail, which stretches more than 17 miles from Shasta Dam to the Sundial Bridge, is the crown jewel of the extensive trail system. But it’s the variety of other trails encompassed by beauty that separate it from other destinations, says avid mountain biker and former Redding Mayor Brent Weaver.

Pedal the Plains, September 14-16, 2018

New Trail Opens in Calero

By Santa Clara Supervisor Ken Yeager

Our region’s amazing beauty is one of the reasons I am passionate about biking trails and roads. When I heard that a new trail was opening in honor of my late friend Lisa Killough, I couldn’t pass up testing it out before the trail opened to the public.

Lisa Killough Trail is situated in the northeast side of Calero County Park on a recently acquired 966-acre parcel formerly part of Rancho San Vincente. The 4.8-mile trail is perfect for beginner hikers, intermediate mountain bikers, and equestrians alike.

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Survival as Art

By Dan Shryock

Place two bikes on the car rack – one for the road and the other for gravel -- and discover what it means to survive on California’s far northern edge.

The Art of Survival Century is a series of supported rides staged over two days, May 26-27. It all takes place in this unique and undiscovered corner of the state, only four miles from the Oregon border and 30 miles from Klamath Falls. Though not well known by most travelers, bird watchers are very familiar with the chain of peaceful wildlife refuges that extend across the border from Oregon. Volcano enthusiasts head here to explore a series of underground lava tubes created thousands of years ago.

Riders making the trip can choose from five road routes and a mountain bike circuit on Saturday. Gravel grinders get their choice of two more rides on Sunday.

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