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March 2019 Cycle California!

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Two-wheeled Literary Pilgrimage

By Rick Millikan

Home to three literary giants, England’s beautiful Lake District inspires a trip. From Heathrow Airport, Brit Rail carries my wife and I into London and next day, 273 miles to the northwest to Windermere. This train rolls through verdant countryside dotted with red brick villages and farmhouses into a still greener landscape outlined in rock.

Beside Windermere station, we rent e-bikes and coast between 18th century pubs, stores, churches and homes to our B&B. Like other buildings, slate tinged in greys, greens and browns forms its walls and covers its roof. We settled into a comfy cozy room, and enjoyed hearty English breakfasts to fuel our daily rides.

Tierra Bella April 30, 2019

Bike Accident Blues

By Shawn Reynolds

WARNING: The following article is rated “R” restricted by the Cycle California! Rating system. Some of this article’s content may be unsuited to those who want to live a “G” rated life.

I am typing this with one hand because I was in an accident. I first noticed something was wrong because I was flying. This was surprise since I had been riding my bicycle. I had two thoughts before I hit the ground. The first was “Keep your head up” and the second was “This is going to hurt.” I was right.

North American Handmade Bicycle Show, March 15-17, 2019

MTB California State Parks: Five Trails & a Bonus

Exploring California’s state parks as never been easier -- the state parks department has become friends with local advocacy organizations to enable trail riders to explore these jewels by bike. No matter where you live in the state, there probably is a state park nearby with trails waiting to be discovered.

This article is the first in a series of occasional articles about exploring the state’s parks by bike—This this month’s missive focuses on trails in Morro Bay and Montana de Oro State Parks along the Central Coast.

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Looking Ahead to March

The season really gets started in March (not that you haven't been riding your bike — its just that the organized fun begins this month.

Children’s Heart Ride

If it’s March, then the 9th is the date for the Solvang Century! This year the venue is located at the Marriott Hotel in Buellton, just down the road from Solvang. As in years past, this event serves up Santa Barbara's wine country riding with a flatter half century, a harder and hillier half century, a metric and a full century — although, easier is relative — all the rides have some elevation gain. Proceeds from the Solvang Century sponsor camps for children with congenital hearth disease.

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