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The purpose of the survey is to identify the favorite graphic image that can be used for a new DMV California Specialty License Plate (SLP) to promote bicycling in California. The funding from the Bicycle SLP will be used for a grant program to promote bicycling, bicycle safety, education for motorists and youth to create healthy, active communities in California.

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August 2018 Cycle California!

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Discovering Oregon's Applegate Lake

By Dan Shryock

I pulled the book from my office bookcase. It had been awhile since I’d flipped through the pages and I was curious what I might find.

The book, 75 Classic Rides Oregon: the Best Road Biking Routes, by Jim Moore, led me to a remote corner of the state. South of the quaint gold rush town of Jacksonville is Applegate Lake, a picturesque reservoir only a couple miles from the California state line. I’ve been writing about Southern Oregon for more than 15 years, yet I’ve never heard a mention of this place. It was time to take a look.

Our group of five set out from Jacksonville’s Doc Griffin Park with no firsthand experience on these roads.

Pedal the Plains, September 14-16, 2018

Feared throughout Europe: The Bikings

By Shawn Reynolds

The year was 793 A.D. on an island just off of Northumberland in England. There, the monastery was sponsoring the Lindisfarne Century cycle race to raise money for the hospital. The usual teams were going through their pre-race rituals when a new team arrived, and they were horrible to behold.

They came from the North, and had long beards and horns on their helmets, and dragon head badges on their front forks. They came uninvited, and they came with a goal; to win it all. They were the Bikings, soon to become the most feared cycling team in all of Europe.

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A Look Ahead

August has rides all over the map! Literally. From Southern California’s Big Bear Lake to the mountainous roads around Crater Lake in Oregon, we’ve got rides and events for you! The Calendar begins on page 11.

SoCal Hi

August 4, riders go the distance during the Tour de Big Bear Gran Fondo HC, as they spin their wheels for 125 miles. As you begin in Big Bear Lake, expect high altitudes and climbing: 12,000 feet of elevation gain. There are noncompetitive categories, for those who don’t want to race with the peloton.

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