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August 2017 Cycle California!

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Favorite trails: Tahoe Mountain & Fallen Leaf Lake

By Robert Ward

For decades, mountain bikers have been flocking to Lake Tahoe to enjoy the high country trails. There are great trails all over the Tahoe area, but in recent years, South Lake has become known as the epicenter of the Tahoe mountain bike scene with good food, great beer, and an ever expanding network of fantastic trails.

The Corral area trails are by far the most popular followed by the Tahoe Rim Trail and its various connector trails. However, a bit of a hidden gem in the South Lake area are the trails in the Angora Burn/Tahoe Mountain/Fallen Leaf Lake area. In the June issue of Cycle California! I reported on the 15 miles of new trails that the Forest Service and the Tahoe Area Mountain Bike Association (TAMBA) will be building in this area over the course of the next three years with six miles slated for this summer. However, you don’t have to wait until these new trails are built to begin enjoying the great riding in this area.

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Oregon’s Scenic South Coast Bikeway

By Dan Shryock

Ocean waves crash against the rocks as we saddle up to begin our ride along the southern Oregon coast. The six of us drove for hours to get to this remote part of the state, ready for exploration. We clip into our pedals expecting plenty of ocean vistas, about to discover two distinct experiences packaged as one rewarding day on our bikes.

The Wild Rivers Coast Scenic Bikeway, one of Oregon’s 16 officially designated scenic routes, starts and ends in the tiny coastal town of Port Orford. The bikeway includes a 38-mile out-and-back ride into the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest and an excursion out to the westernmost point in Oregon and a historic lighthouse.

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Ask an M.D.: I Ride and My Nose Runs!

By Jennifer von Geldern

My nose runs when I ride my bike, no matter the season or temperature. Perhaps yours does, too -- I know many people with this condition.

The constant nasal dripping makes it hard to breathe while riding and has me distancing myself from other riders on group outings every few minutes or waiting until I’m at the tail end of a paceline to clear my nose. In fact, it’s so bothersome while I’m on the bike that I decided to ask an expert about it.

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