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Empty License Plate

Let your vote count!

Bicyclists deserve their own license plate! Vote for your favorite design!

The purpose of the survey is to identify the favorite graphic image that can be used for a new DMV California Specialty License Plate (SLP) to promote bicycling in California. The funding from the Bicycle SLP will be used for a grant program to promote bicycling, bicycle safety, education for motorists and youth to create healthy, active communities in California.

Click See the design here and vote for your favorite.

June 2018 Cycle California!

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Up & Over McKenzie Pass

By Dan Shryock

The road belonged to us. No cars or trucks would be allowed on this pavement for another two weeks. We pedaled at a leisurely pace painfully aware that there was work ahead and we needed to conserve our energy.

It was early June and Highway 242 – Oregon’s McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway – had just been cleared of several feet of snow. The state highway department prohibits motor vehicles to drive here until the third Monday in June so once we passed the snow gate, the road was ours.

Pedal the Plains, September 14-16, 2018

Children’s books: The Adventures of a Girl Called Bicycle, by Christina Uss

Books that illustrate the fun of bicycling are few and far between. Books written for children that show bicycling as fun, are scarcer, yet. Adventures of a Girl called Bicycle is one of those rare kids’ books.

Written by Christina Uss (a sometime-contributor to Cycle California! Magazine), the story of the girl in the title captures for kids the freedom and adventure of riding a bike.

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A Look Ahead

July starts out with a national holiday — continues with family fun all through the month. Can’t make these events? No matter— there are many others in the calendars, beginning with the Road Bike calendar on page 10.

Summer kid action

Recognizing that an active child is a happy child, more and more events are being produced and promoted with children in mind. The July 8 Menlo Park Kids Tri is open to children up to age 15. This tri takes place at Burgess Park and the swim is a pool swim. The bike and run courses are one mile each around the park. As with the adults, there are multiple start waves set up by age group.

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